Promptly handle a fire caused by forgetting to turn off the stove

On the evening of May 29, 2024, the Phu My Hung Security Team Monitoring Center received a fire alarm signal from an apartment in the Scenic Valley Complex. The complex security informed them that the apartment was rented by a Korean, and the door was locked. Smoke and a burning smell were emanating from inside.

The on-duty security team quickly arrived with fire protection equipment. To limit the spread of the smoke, the security guards asked the complex manager to turn off the electricity and gas and contact the tenant for the password to open the door. After entering the apartment, Phu My Hung Security Team discovered a pot of braised meat burning and smoking on the stove and immediately extinguished it using on-site firefighting equipment. The security guards also opened the apartment’s doors to ventilate and allow the smoke to escape. About 10 minutes later, the tenant arrived. She explained that she had been heating food while going to the gym and had forgotten to turn off the stove.

According to the Phu My Hung Security Team’s fire protection unit, most fires in the city center are caused by forgetting to turn off the stove. Therefore, residents need to pay special attention when cooking and heating food.

Source: Phu My Hung

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